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Learning to drive can be a daunting experience but we will be with you every step of the way.SharpDrives offers you a very competitive rate with a quality service to match. We also offer you a simple price structure, we don’t believe in charging you extra during the holidays or weekends. Our lessons are conducted on a 1-1 basis and we will give you a full one hour lesson.
  • Instructors are trained and updated on a regular basis.
  • We stick to your schedule.
  • We respect your emergencies. Call us or inform your Instructor before your next session to reschedule.
  • We speak your language.
  • There are no hidden charges and we receive payment only after training completion.

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SharpDrives provides an unmatched learning experience to level-up your driving skills. Unlike traditional learning programmes, our smart services are designed, keeping in mind your availability and focussing on specific areas of improvement to bring out the best driver in you.
Experienced Instructors

Instructors have equipped themselves with techniques which make you comfortable, secure and swift while taking our courses.

Perfect Timing

We respect and value your time. Instructors are on time and will provide you a full one hour class.

Training First, Payment Later

We offer affordable driving lessons and receive payment only after classes completion.


Our Instructors are equipped with crisp, clear and profound communication skills to ensure smooth learning phase till you attain mastery


Mistakes are expected and encouraged while learning and we acknowledge the fact that true learning begins only when we set you free.

Payment Plans

We accept all major credit, debit and wallet payments.

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Lesson Packages

Below you will find our four most popular packages

10 Hours
Scratch To Perfection Plan Includes
  • Basic Training
  • Moderate Traffic Training
  • Peak Traffic Training
  • Narrow Road Training
  • Lane Switching Techniques
  • Reverse Practice
  • Parking Techniques
  • Basic Vehicle Knowledge
3000 INR
4 Hours
Peak Traffic Training Intermediate Driver
  • Assess current driving skills
  • Bumper to bumper driving perfection
  • Narrow Road Training
  • Best Lane Selection
  • Reverse Parking and Parallel parking
  • Overtaking Techniques
  • Defense Driving Measures
1200 INR
5 Hours
Highway Driving Intermediate Driver
  • Assess current driving skills
  • Speed controlling techniques
  • Gear controlled braking Techniques
  • Lane Changing measures
  • Overtaking techniques
  • Highway rules and regulations
  • Highway Parking techniques
1200 INR
3-15 Hours
Customized Plan Driver Assessment and Training
  • Assess current driving skills
  • Identify and correct problem areas
  • Moderate and Peak Traffic Training
  • Parking Techniques
  • Reverse Techniques
  • Basic Vehicle Knowledge

85% of Our Students feel they can never drive on their own on their first class and 98% of Our Students have felt the confidence to drive

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