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We have noticed a lot of road mishaps occurring these days, which brings about the expanded interest for talented drivers and decreasing reckless driving. Analyzing the situation, the Ministry of Road Transport has taken a step further to suppress the pace of crazy driving and for generating skilled drivers. Under the 11th amendment 2021, the Ministry has published new driving center rules called “ Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 2021.

Under this act, the authority has conveyed a notice referencing the necessities needed to be fulfilled by different accredited driving schools and training centers in Uttar Pradesh and the rest of the nation.

Transport commissioner Dheeraj Sahu has brought to light the scenario and static pace of road mishaps as of late and referenced the positive parts of the new law,  which aims to impart proper training methods and knowledge to candidates in order to skillfully generate drivers on the road.

Adding to the assertions, without an accreditation, no individual can establish or maintain a licensed driving instructional center as expressed by the minister of road transport on June 7. The accreditation is to be applied through Form 11A  which will be conceded by the transport authority or office of the individual state. The authority will be notified by the central government on the same.

Practicing its forces under Section 8 of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, the Central government has made guidelines as to the accreditation of driving training centers

  1. Individuals are required not to go to RTO for a test in order to acquire a driving license if they have completed their in-depth training at a driving center.
  2. The driving centers will be required to fulfill minimum requirements in order to get accreditation from a registered authority. Simulators and driving tracks are also to be included in the majority of the driving schools.
  3. Individual who completes his training at an accredited driving school and receives the certificate, will be exempt from taking a test at the regional transport office (RTO) for taking a certificate. These accredited training centers would be allowed to provide industry-specific training too.
  4. Under this rule, for the grant renewal of accreditation, the organization shall consist of facilities such as two classrooms with computers, multimedia projectors for theory lessons on traffic rules and regulations, public relations, driving procedures. Including this, the center should also be equipped with simulators and dedicated driving tracks.
  5. The driving school also needs to ensure a biometric attendance system, well-qualified instructors, digital payment facilities, an online and real-time evaluation process, and sufficient staff resources.
  6. With this, the rules also consist of training time durations and a prescribed syllabus which states – For light motor vehicles, individuals should undergo 29 hours of training over a period of four weeks before applying for a license. Out of the 29 hours, 21 hours should be devoted to practical-based learning, which should include four hours on a simulator for instructing the learner on how to drive in conditions such as rain, fog, traffic, and during nighttime.

7. For medium to heavy motor vehicles, individuals should undergo 38 hours of training, including 16 hours of theory-based teaching methods, and the rest 22 hours of practical training sessions, maintaining three hours on the simulator.

  1. There will be a need to monitor the progress of accredited driving centers and RTO on a regular basis for smooth functioning and no disputes. Regular inspections will also be conducted for analyzing the facilities and training methods of different driving schools.


The guidelines are meant to advance a better method of driving and restricting the emergence of serious road accidents. As the examination of late years road accidents, the government has taken a great initiative for the smooth and well functioning of various driving schools centering more in Uttar Pradesh. With the most recent reports on the sessions of driving training centers, it was noticed that the majority of driving schools in Uttar Pradesh don’t give sufficient assets and training facilities to learners such as theory sessions, simulators, and driving lessons in different weather conditions and traffic.

In order to regulate the progress of driving schools, outside of Uttar Pradesh too, the ministry launched adequate regulations for RTO as well as driving schools. Limiting an extra driving test at RTO offices and waiting for license application dates, the ministry has cut down the step for a better and faster application of a driving license.

Moreover, the new standards will likewise cover – implementation of new driving training centers in Uttar Pradesh and outside as well. This will permit the accreditation to be legitimate for every five years for driving schools having at least three acres of land, a workshop with vehicle parts to show people the essentials, a driving simulator, and a test track.


With the rise and upgrade of better driving teaching techniques and instructional sessions, learners will be more skilled and knowledgeable about driving strategies, tips, and tricks, fundamental vehicle parts via adequate theory sessions.

Alongside the hypothesis, the sessions will lay emphasis on viable lessons which will increase learners’ confidence and experience via rehearsing on driving tracks within the centers, and simulators. Driving sessions on different weather conditions will help individuals to cope up with sudden emergency instances.

The rules are aimed to produce skilled drivers with adequate knowledge of motor vehicles parts as well as driving rules in India. Different workshops will allow them to drive in a safe and secure pattern with a reduction in road accidents.

A step that not only promotes a healthy way of driving but guarantees a limitation in road mishaps, is viewed as a boost in the driving teaching methods and schools over India. With the new principles set, the government anticipates an adjustment of the driving situation and more gifted drivers on the roads.

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