Customized Plan Car Learning

You will be in safe hands and will master the Art of Driving.

Customized Plan Program Overview

If you are confused or unaware of which plan to choose, your only aim being to drive perfectly, this is the perfect program for you.

We start by assessing your current driving skills which would take not more than 10-15 mins of you driving in the presence of our professional instructor. You will be given an honest feedback and in the process, you may have to unlearn and relearn specific techniques. Instructors will guide you on any missing links that you require to get your driving skills to perfection.

We would be absolutely happy to tailor the classes according to your driving needs in order to help you become seasoned and versatile driver. “Customized plan accommodates Identifying and correcting problem areas” like Moderate and Peak Traffic Training, Reverse and Parking Techniques with Basic Vehicle Knowledge guidelines.

We will take periodic reviews to ensure that we have met your needs and you can always reach out to us for any queries/concerns at any point through our dedicated : 9845712223.

Rest assured, you will be in safe hands and will master the art of driving.

Eligibility Requirements

  • If you are planning to learn in your own vehicle, all supporting documents like Learning License and Vehicle documents are mandatory.
  • No prior driving experience is required.
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