What is RTO?

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) which is also known as Regional Transport Authority (RTA) is the government organization of India. This organization is responsible for maintaining the drivers and vehicles database of all different states of this country. It issues driving licenses, collects vehicle excise duty, inspects vehicle insurance, sells personalized registrations, and takes care of the pollution test.

RTO in Karnataka

Like every other state of India, you can find Regional Transport Office in Karnataka. This department implements various provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act and tax collection. Their primary responsibility is to enforce the guideline of tax collection on Motor Vehicles, Motor Vehicles Act in Karnataka, Road Safety, Noise, and Air pollution Control.

It follows the provisions of various acts. They are:

  • Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989
  • The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 (Central Government Act, 1988)
  • Karnataka Motor Vehicles Tax Act 1957 (Karnataka Act, 1957)
  • Karnataka Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989
  • Karnataka Motor Vehicles Taxation Laws, 1957


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Different RTO Services

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) offers various services for the vehicle:

  1. Registration of Motor Vehicle – It is the process of registering the motor vehicles with a government authority. The primary motive behind this registration is to create a link between the automobiles and its owner. You can use this link for crime detection and taxation. There are various services under this section. They are:


Registration of New Vehicle Temporary Registration Re-Registration of Vehicle
Duplicate Registration Certificate Cancellation of Registration Certificate Providing Fresh Registration Certificate
Renewal of Registration for Non-Transport Vehicle Renewal of Fitness Certificate Issuance of Trade Certificate
Renewal of Trade Certificate Change of Address Providing B- Register Extract
Transfer of Vehicle Ownership Offering Clearance Certificate Providing No Objection Certificate
Life Time Tax Refund Alteration or any Conversion Surrender/release of Vehicle Records
  1. Driving and Conductor License Issuance – RTO is responsible for issuing learner and driving license to the people. Besides, they grant the duplicate license, international driving permit, conductor license and also renew it on request.
  2. Motor Vehicle Tax Collection – RTO is accountable for collecting various taxes. It includes Quarterly Tax, Life Time Tax, Border Tax, Composite Tax, Green Tax, and many more. Also, they are in charge of Tax Exemption related services.
  3. Measures for Vehicle Pollution Control– They check for air and noise pollution caused by motor vehicles. And, impose various rules and regulations to control it.
  4. Issuance of Goods and Passenger Vehicles Permit – RTO issues permits for multiple automobiles. They are -Autorickshaw, Luxury Cabs, Private Service Vehicles, Maxi Cab, Education Institution Buses, City Cabs, Radio Cabs, Prepaid Taxi, and more. Also, it issues Temporary Permit and Goods Carriage Permit for the vehicles.
  5. Maintenance for Road Safety– They are responsible for enforcing traffic rules and regulations to ensure road safety.
  6. Enforcement of Motor Vehicle Acts– RTO makes sure that all the provisions under the Motor Vehicles Act are followed appropriately.