Make Way For Ambulance: Make Way For Life.


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“The day we learn to allow an ambulance to pass through in the traffic, might be the first step towards being a truly responsible society.” – Boman Irani.

You’re in the car, and you’ve got your radio on with your favorite songs or just chatting with your friends and family. You suddenly hear the ambulance siren wailing behind you! How many of you believe in leaving a space for the vehicle? Well, very few people can actually sense and judge or least concern when there is a danger or an emergency around.

Your actions will certainly influence the life in the Ambulance. Ambulance! Is an emergency vehicle. Safe and responsible driving will save a life and hence a family. Giving away can help the patient receive the definitive treatment within the golden hour, and you might give a new lease of life to someone! Precious period with prompt medical treatment could mean the difference between life and death.

“Saving time means Saving a life,” it is the fact that everyone should know. No laws of order can bring the change unless we embrace it.

Personnel in the emergency services risks their lives daily to help us in our time of need. Emergency vehicles need to travel at high speed to reach those in the medical response. Road users through unsafe driving can stand a way of life or death situation. The biggest threat is when the driver panics upon hearing the sound of a siren. Many are confused about what to do and either come by making a dangerous move or stop abruptly at the wrong place. These issues impact the operations of emergency services, and the most significant encounter they face is the ignorance of Road users.

In this section, Sharp Drives would like to share do’s and don’ts on safe driving in an emergency and as well as advice from experts on how to respond when you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle.


  •    Move over law: Proceed with caution and yield the right way by moving a lane over      from the emergency vehicle.
  •    Slow down and promptly come to a *full and complete STOP* where it is safe.
  •    Allow the emergency vehicles to pass.
  •    Anticipate other emergency vehicles as there may be one or more.
  •    Always keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel as you approach and pass by the scene of an emergency.
  •    Be prepared to expect emergency personnel on or near the roadway directing traffic.
  •    Drive distraction-free and defensively at all times. Be sure always to buckle your seat belts and leave your phone alone!
  •    Leave enough space and carefully return to driving and remain vigilant.


  •    Avoid abrupt manoeuvres, do not rush behind the Ambulance.
  •    Follow no closer than 300 feet behind the Ambulance.
  •    Do not pull over immediately. There could be another car, a bike, a cyclist, or a pedestrian near you.
  •    Avoid riding over pavements, kerbs as they could mask hazards in damaging your vehicle and as well as pedestrians.
  •    Do not break laws: Ambulance does not entitle you to violate any road traffic laws or run over red lights.

Conclusion:   On most Indian roads we often see insensitive road drivers and motorists who deny passage to emergency vehicles like ambulance, police vans and fire trucks. Observing a few traffic rules can save your life. Today, let us pledge to be responsible and not harp on excuses but find a solution to the problem. It is an offense not to give way to an emergency vehicle and breaking the rule can lead to heavier fines. All we need is to exercise our common sense and act responsibly when we hear the siren or see an emergency vehicle approaching.


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